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Explore our vibrant menu at Tyree’s Table, curated to elevate your nutritional experience with a focus on sandwiches, wraps, juices, and cleanses. From the refreshing crunch of artisanal salads to the robust flavors of protein-packed wraps and sandwiches, every bite is a celebration of balanced nutrition and taste. Savor our invigorating smoothies and the revitalizing fresh juices that awaken your senses. Indulge in our vitamin-rich super acai bowls and enjoy the benefits of our detoxifying cleanses, meticulously prepared to invigorate your day and propel you towards greatness.

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At The Table


Welcome to our events page, where we celebrate the fusion of wellness and exuberance. Here, we curate experiences that honor the champion within you, offering a blend of health-centric gatherings and spirited celebrations. Dive into a world where wellness isn’t just a trend but a lifestyle, where each event is a testament to embracing vitality, joy, and the pursuit of excellence. Join us in these moments of collective empowerment and vibrant camaraderie, tailored to uplift your spirit and elevate your journey towards well-being.

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A Champions Meal


Experience the embodiment of our unwavering commitment to health, sports, and culinary mastery in each and every item we present.

Our selection encompasses a delightful array of options, ranging from on-the-go salads, protein-rich wraps & sandwiches, and invigorating smoothies to vitamin-packed super acai bowls, tantalizing toasts, and revitalizing fresh juices.

Immerse yourself in the world of nourishing, delectable cuisine that not only energizes your pursuits but also pays tribute to the champion within each of us.


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Fresh & Local Eatery

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Indulge in our vibrant menu, a symphony of flavors and nutrition crafted for champions. From artisanal salads to protein-packed wraps, each bite embodies a celebration of balanced taste and nourishment. Refresh with invigorating smoothies and revitalizing fresh juices that awaken your senses. Dive into vitamin-rich super acai bowls and tantalizing toasts, meticulously prepared to propel you towards greatness, one delicious dish at a time.

Be Well, do Well