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Touchdown Thursday: A Winning Night of Football, Entrepreneurship, and PrizeS

Are you ready to score big on Thursdays? At Tyree’s Table, we turned the excitement of Thursday night football into an unforgettable evening filled with savory bites, insightful talks, and fantastic giveaways.

Picture this: a cozy ambiance, the aroma of our signature buffalo chicken melt wafting through the air, and the clinking of glasses filled with our exclusive helmet catch smoothie. But that was just the beginning of an extraordinary night.

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Entrepreneurship took center stage as David, a visionary leader, took the floor for a captivating 30-minute talk. He illuminated the road to success, drawing parallels between the gridiron and the business world. His insights on connecting and collaborating with DT3 Enterprises and August Wealth Advisors were a playbook for success.

Our guests? A select group of 15-20 business owners hungry for both knowledge and fun. As the game unfolded, so did the excitement. We transformed the thrill of football stats into a game of predictions. The first quarter became a battleground for guesses, and the winners took home incredible prizes. Imagine leaving with a signed copy of David’s book, coveted DT3 swag, a helmet catch shirt, or even an autographed Evan Engram jersey!

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The evening was made possible by the generous sponsorship of DT3 Enterprises and August Wealth Advisors. Their support helped us create an evening that merged the thrill of sports with the strategies of successful entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking inspiration, our Touchdown Thursday events are designed to delight and empower. Join us next Thursday for an experience that combines the best of sports, business insights, and a whole lot of fun.

Come hungry for success, delicious food, and an electrifying atmosphere. At Tyree’s Table, we’re here to make your event legendary.

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